Brad Pitt saw Angelina Jolie with son Pax, and his reaction was volcanic

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt always managed to make a star entry when it came to award shows but after the two decided to go their separate ways, things have been quite different. Recently, Angelina attended the Golden Globe Awards and rather than coming to the carpet as a single woman, the actress decided to bring the former couple’s 14-year-old son Pax as her date to the event.


As much as people loved to see the two together, Brad, on the other hand, was not so happy about it. The couple has always tried to keep their kids away from the spotlight so that they can have a normal life, and Angelina’s sudden decision of taking Pax for the award show just seems to be everything that the Salt actor did not want.

A source close to the actor told Hollywood Life that Brad had no idea that Pax was going to the event as well. “Angelina went behind Brad‘s back and took Pax to the Golden Globes without the father’s permission. Brad was furious that Angelina did not consult him before taking their son Pax to a major, adult event like the Golden Globes,” the source said.

What angered Brad more was that he did not get to know about this from Angelina herself.

he Fight Club actor has often spoken to Angelina about how he wants to be more involved in his kid’s life, which also includes knowing the events or things they are doing but looking at the current situation, Brad feels like an outsider in his own family.


“It irritated Brad that he found out, casually from the other children, at the last minute,” the source continued. There is no doubt that Angelina preplanned taking Pax to the award show as the 14-year-old was all suited up with a black tux for the event.

The source was quick to add that Brad loves to know that his kids have a chance of experiencing extraordinary things in life, like attending the award shows, but he just wishes to know more about it. The actor apparently wants to be among the first ones to know about what is going on with his kids.

“While Brad appreciates that his children get extraordinary experiences in life thanks to their unique family, Brad just wishes that he was kept in the loop for big decisions like award show appearances,” the source revealed.

Meanwhile, the source also added that Brad is completely alright with the kids attending such events as long as he is made aware of them.


“Brad thinks it is not entirely healthy the way Angelina drags the kids everywhere she goes, so he made it clear to her after the award show that he would appreciate it that he be more informed of future major public appearances for their children,” the source told the magazine.

After Brad and Angelina filed for divorce in 2016, the actress was given the custody of their six children. The seven of them have since moved into a new home in LA, something she says was “a big jump forward” for them all. Even though Angelina decided to move away, Brad still got his own time to spend with his kids but it looks like he wants more.

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