Gotham’s Joker Actor Takes Playful Shot at Justice League’s CGI

Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan finally got to become the Joker last night, and he used the opportunity to poke fun at Justice League‘s CGI issues and the infamous Snyder cut. Fans have been waiting for years to see Gotham finally adapt The Joker – or at least confirm Jerome was the show’s Clown Prince of Crime. But the past few weeks have finally promised to do so. After a fake-out last week, we theorized Cameron Monaghan would still play The Joker in the form of Jerome’s twin Jeremiah. And sure enough, this week finally introduced the villain.

Gotham homaged The Killing Joke last night in its final moments as Jeremiah was doused in a special version of Scarecrow’s laughing gas. The scene clearly sets up the character’s future, as we see him contorted as his lips turn red and his skin turn white. Though Jerome already looked a lot like The Joker, it appears Jeremiah will take on a more classic version of the rogue (even if his backstory is drastically different). But the brief moment of VFX-assisted mutation led to Monaghan channeling his character and throwing some shade at DC.

Cameron Monaghan tweeted out an image of himself from last night’s Gotham as Jeremiah, noting that DC has a penchant for using CGI on its characters mouths. In the process, he gently ribbed Justice League‘s use of CGI to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache and even took a shot at fans demanding a Zack Snyder cut of the maligned film.


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