While fans eagerly await new clips from Avengers: Infinity War, the first trailer has already received several remakes. That includes a version that utilized footage from Marvel’s animated series, action figures, and even one that simply recut retro sci-fi films together. But the latest Infinity War remix trailer to capture our attention is the one that recasts Marvel’s heroes and villains as characters from Disney and Pixar movies.

Via Heroic Hollywood, the Disney/Pixar Infinity War trailer was created by YouTube user SJPlay, and it leans pretty heavily on the Toy Story characters to play most of the leading characters. Buzz Lightyear gets to be Iron Man, while Woody the Cowboy is inexplicably both Captain America and Loki. And what animated villain could be so evil that they could stand in for Thanos? It’s the Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story 3! Somehow, this also makes sense. Thanos is constantly spurned by his love, the literal incarnation of Death, while Lotso never got over losing the love of his original owner.

Samuel L. Jackson lives in both the Marvel and Pixar realms, although in this case, Jackson’s Frozone is the Black Panther of this footage. From the Disney side of the aisle, Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix are the Hulk and Thor, respectively, while Big Hero 6‘s Hiro is both Spider-Man and Wong, and Wasabi dons a cape as Doctor Strange. Watching this trailer does make a Disney and Pixar team up movie seem pretty intriguing, but the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game is probably the next best thing.

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