The wizard is named Shazam in the movie said SHAZAM Director David F. Sandberg

After Marvel Comics launched a successful trademark of the Captain Marvel name, modern DC Comics rebranded their Fawcett Comics Superman as Shazam. In addition to saying the name of the powerful magic-wielder to transform into his superhero alter-ego, DC decided to streamline things and simply make that the hero’s name as well.

As a result, the wizard largely stopped be referred to as Shazam and was simply just called The Wizard.

Some old school comic fans were hoping that wouldn’t be the case in David F. Sandberg’s live-action adaptation and the director recently took to Twitter to address those concerns.


Shazam is scheduled to begin filming next month and is currently slated for an April 5, 2019, release date.

The leads for the superhero feature film includes Asher Angel as a teenage Billy Batson, Zachary Levi as his musclebound alter ego Shazam, and Mark Strong as the villainous Doctor Sivana.

The full Marvel family is also slated to appear, with Grace Fulton portraying Mary Bromfield aka Mary Marvel, Jack Dylan Grazer set to portray Freddy Freeman aka Captain Marvel Jr. and Ian Chen and Jovan Armand rounding out Billy’s additional foster family as Eugene Choi and Pedro Peña, respectively.

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