Will Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury Make An Appearance In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

Samuel L. Jackson has claimed that he won’t be returning as Nick Fury in Avengers: Infinity War but should we believe him? After all, it’s hard to imagine the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. not showing up in some capacity given what an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe he’s always been.

While we still don’t have confirmation that Fury will be helping out in the battle against Thanos and the Black Order, Slash Film has spotted a new listing on IMDb featuring two crew members who are listed with direct associations to Jackson. Those are Jake Garber (his make-up artist) and Qualen Bradley (his stand-in). Now, you’ll no doubt be well aware that anyone can edit the site so this should be taken with a pinch of salt but it would certainly make sense for the character to appear in the Marvel movie.

We’ll have to wait and see but considering the fact Jackson is going to be shooting Captain Marvel soon, his relationship with Kevin Feige and company remains strong and it would be crazy not to have Fury appear in a release being billed as the culmination of the MCU (which he helped launch in 2008).

Source: ComicBookMovie.com

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